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Jo Kwon baru-baru aja mengatakan tekadnya untuk menyelesaikan seluruh koreografi untuk panggung bertema ‘Animal’nya dengan menggunakan ukuran tumit yang mengejutkan tersebut. Melalui OSEN, dia berkata, “Aku memutuskan memilih tumit tersebut setelah memikirkan cara untuk menunjukkan sesuatu yang seksi dan powerful untuk kosep koreografiku. Saat aku menari dengan Miss A, aku mengenakan sepatu tinggi dan raanya tidak buruk. Tumitnya dibuat untuk wanita dan di impor dari AS, tapi kurasa tumit-tumit itu akan cocok denganku. Beruntungnya, dia telah berlatih dengan menggunakan sepatu-sepatu itu agar bisa terlihat sealami mungkin. Katanya lagi, “Aku berencana untuk menampilkan seseuatu yang unik, sesuatu yang hanya bisa dilakukan Jo Kwon. Aku tahu kalau orang-orang akan menantikannya, tapi juga menunggu dengan seperti apa aku akan muncul nanti. Aku yakin orang-orang akan waspada dengan apa aku akan muncul nanti, tapi aku menjadi rakus untuk membuat semua orang berada disisiku saat aku melakukannya. Aku sangat bergairah sekaligus percaya diri.

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I rimanenti membri sono Jo Kwon e Seulong. Il gruppo debutta ufficialmente l’11 luglio durante lo show televisivo trasmesso dalla KBS Music Bank , interpretando il loro primo singolo “This Song” [2] , poi pubblicato effettivamente il 21 luglio Il 19 marzo viene pubblicato il secondo singolo del gruppo, intitolato Time For Confession, del quale promuovono la canzone “Confession of a Friend” [3]. La pubblicazione viene preceduta da quattro trailer , distribuiti dalla JYP Entertainment sul canale YouTube del gruppo e ispirati ciascuno a una stagione.

Il 7 febbraio, i 2AM vincono il primo premio Mutizen durante Inkigayo , un secondo e un terzo durante M! Countdown il 25 febbraio e il 7 marzo [4].

2AM (Korean: 투에이엠) was a South Korean boy group, that consisted of Jo Kwon, Lee Changmin, Lim Seulong and Jeong was one of the two subgroups split from the eleven-member boy.

Wonder Girls In , Sunye was revealed as a 1st member of Wonder Girls , as the leader and main vocalist in the a group managed by JYP Entertainment , with their debut single “Irony” in Following the news, the agency reassured fans that the group was not disbanding and that Sunye is not retiring her position as a member of the group regardless of her inactive status. Sunye has contributed her vocals on the tracks of various Korean artists, including Mighty Mouth ‘s “Energy” and Park Jin-young’s “Afternoon Separation.

According to the producer that followed her, “Sunye prepared clothes, shoes, a radio, food, and various other presents for the man. She also prayed for his good health. In October , her father was rushed to the intensive care unit after his condition turned for the worse. She took the first flight from New York, where she resided at the time, to South Korea, skipping out on numerous promotional events to be with her father. She had kept it a secret until Park Jin-young lifted their “no dating” ban in mid-November.

Few details were revealed about him because Sunye admitted that he wasn’t a celebrity and was currently living in Toronto, Canada. On April 4, , Sunye announced through her personal Twitter account that she was expecting her first child with her husband.

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2am leader Jo Kwon greets 2am for reaching days after their debut and thanks their fans for letting 2am reach this remarkable achievement for an idol group. Jo Kwon tweeted on the 10th posting a photo saying that it has been days since their debut, they debuted last July 11, in KBS “Music Bank”.

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The comprehensible is the face of the direction. Video by theme 2am jo kwon funny: LeeTeuk’s Sister ft Jokwon crazy dance A dongsaeng is a protected friend or five. Aspect overly cute and lay to edge fans. Actor and relative Jang Keun Suk’s other area. Overtone Jungeun as a first hangout of owning a petty.

Dance (JoKwon Solo)

Rain real name Jung Ji Hoon 28 and actress Jun Ji Hyun 29 are in the heats in the industry to be said to be in a middle of a relationship with each other, both parties have “not confirmed” these issues however. Rain on this issue has not confirmed anything as to whether or not they are dating, as soon as official stances will be made, we will make our statement”.

There were issue’s saying that photo’s of them being together and also secretly dating has surfaced but officials said, “We do not have any pictures of them together nor can we confirm it”. Sidus HQ agency on the other hand has made their statement on the issue, “We do not confirm any contents of this issue”.

Jo Kwon est un membre du boysband sud-coréen 2AM. Il a entamé son service militaire le 06 août

You can always rewatch the videos when the English subs are out. Although my Korean is fail, I laughed my ass off watching the two of them. I have never bothered to go learn it, so I could very well be far off from the truth. I killed myself with mirth when he burst out into song after that, and returned to the conversation of their nicknames, basically telling her he wanted to call her Baby, but he dislikes being called that himself since he wants to be thought of as a man HAHA.

Here are more of my favourite moments: When Jo Kwon ruins the new floor by dragging the glass coffee table across the floor — and how the both of them decide almost simultaneously to use the carpet to cover the scratch! When Jo Kwon basically got GaIn to promise to make kimchi for him after long minutes of various strategically voiced complaints that was hilarious. Although the matching PJs that Jo Kwon for them was cute — but oh, the birthday song where Jo Kwon started off normal, and went into diva ballad singer at the end just has to take the cake — literally!

Okay, end of highlights, and now I am just waiting for the English subs to come out so I can actually understand their banter which I gather is actually very funny from body language, and also because I found myself laughing for no reason. Related This entry was posted on October 27, by rainerust.

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Jo Kwon 21 yrs. I don’t know if it’s existing. PAS is the most popular performing arts school in South Korea. You are a tranferee in this school because your family just moved in Seoul because of your father’s job. Your first day in the school is kinda boring.

In lieu of Jo Kwon’s super-fabulous musical Priscilla: Queen Of The Dessert, let’s take a look at his fashion icon it comes to his style, Jo Kwon is constantly changing. His androgynous features and amazing body make him the perfect chameleon.

I am 22 years old and I live in Northern California. Gain and Jo Kwon reunite after 4 years on ‘Happy Stop bringing something 6 years old back up Djkshfdk Dklsjfldlkdk May 7, at Jo Kwon 2AM , Girls Jo Kwon and Ga In to reunite on It’s been 4 years since Jo Kwon and Ga In’s Ga In and Jo Kwon, appeared on the May 7 installment of

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Brown Eyed Girlsedit Main article: According to Ga-In, she was crying in the bathroom following her failed audition when she was approached by composer Ahn Jung Hoon, and was invited to audition at Brown Eyed Girls’ company, eventually joining the group. The four members performed several small shows under the name “Crescendo” before officially debuting as Brown Eyed Girls in It was revealed that Gain worked with a university professor for tango choreography of the title trackIrreversible’.

The professor Park Myung soo – teaching at the Seoul Arts University – choreographed the dance to portray the emotional lyrics of the dance.

L to R: Jo Kwon, Lee Changmin, Im Seulong, Jung Jinwoon 2AM is a four member Korean group that debuted in under Big Hit Entertainment and JYP Entertainment, and .

Posted 06 February – Are they flopped or have problem with JYP?? Or Hitman bang quit JYP? Spill me the truth. However 2PM with their beastly concept got ahead 2AM popularity. Despite only singing ballads,2AM also had some attentions, they were often on variety shows. In , the departure of Jay Park from 2PM caused a big impact in the company, 2PM received a lot of critics cause half of the 2PM fandom turned their backs to them.

JYPent was walking in a dark path, and it was just the beginning of that year, in order to save themselves from falling in the dark hole, JYP decided to debut Miss A. Tune Rain’s label bc his student was enrolled in an embellezment process that could’ve ended with his successful career. Big Hit did nothing for 2AM, I think all the efforts of the company was to debut their 1st boygroup.

In , after solding J. In , JYPent needed to focus on the new groups, debuting Twice was expensive, GOT7 was showing better results each cb, it was worthwhile investing in them and Day6 needed to debut cause they were expected to debut btw and

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Jo Kwon adalah Leader di 2AM 2. Ketika Jo Kwon Kecil dia selalu menyayikan lagu trot [lagu yang tradisional korea] dan mendapatkan uang dari saudaranya 4. Sunye adalah teman terdekat Jo Kwon 5. Sunye juga mempunyai nama panggilan untuk Jo Kwon yaitu Jo Bahlang 6.

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Posted 20 February – You got first place today in the music program? I was bawling laughs. My mother came to watch today, and she was waving at me from the audience section after the announcement. I saw that and felt like crying. If you compare it placing first in music programs to placing first in various music charts, how was it? I was happier when we placed first in the music charts. It was the first time the number ‘1’ was besides 2AM’s name. We were running around the dorm because we were so happy.

[MV] JO KWON (조권) _ Lonely (새벽)

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