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A mum and baby Diprotodont their fossil became cemented to the riverbed to be retrieved 30 million years later On Saturday 6th August we awoke to a pleasantly warm morning. We had a few places we wanted to visit but our main aim today was to find our way to Lake Moondara for a picnic lunch. Riversleigh is in a remote part of Queensland kms north west of Mt Isa and covers about 80 square kms. It is world famous for its fossils — one of the richest mammal fossil sites in the world with fossil records dating back million years. So much so that it is now a World Heritage Site and fossils continue to be found regularly. They reveal and support all the information we know about ancient animals — particularly dinosaurs. The Riversleigh Centre houses a magnificent exhibition of how extinct animals that roamed the earth millions of years A giant lizard guards the entrance ago would have appeared. It was a fascinating exhibition and well worth spending some time there.

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They have a tube-like shape with an s-like curcature and are more than 15 centimeters long. Thin section studies and elemental mapping revealed that the grain size and comp;osition of the ‘concretions’ are very different from the surrounding matrix. They contain a complex internal structure which is inconsistent with an inorganic origin opening the extraoredinary possibility for the existence of complex life forms Ma ago.

Thin section studies and EPMA elemental mapping revealed that the grain size and composition of the?

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Mount Isa The major service centre and mining town in north western Queensland. Mount Isa is the largest and most impressive township in western Queensland. Unlike Longreach its only competitor , which has a very rural feel, Mount Isa is a mining town with an air of self-confidence and sophistication which is rare in outback Queensland. Thus, although the mining complex is the town’s raison d’etre and though it dominates the skyline and the local economy, Mount Isa does not feel like a settlement nestling under ‘dark satanic mills’.

It is a centre with high quality accommodation, good restaurants, excellent facilities, and enough activities to keep even the most enthusiastic visitor busy for a week. Located km from Brisbane, km from Townsville and m above sea-level, Mount Isa proudly claims to be the largest city in the world; a fact born out by its accreditation in the Guinness Book of Records.

The argument is that the city extends for 40 sq. Prior to white settlement the area was occupied by the Kalkadoon Aborigines, who produced large numbers of axes and other tools in the area, using them as trade. They fiercely resisted the encroachment of pastoralists in the s and early s but their resistance and raids were effectively ended when native police and white settlers retaliated with a bloody massacre in Copper was mined in the area from the s but a price slump in the early s saw the venture collapse.

However, in February vast silver-lead-zinc deposits were discovered by the prospector John Campbell Miles. Miles named the site after Mount Ida, a Western Australian goldmine. Within months over claims had been lodged in Cloncurry but slowly these claims were amalgamated into two major companies. Mount Isa Mines Ltd was formed in and by it had taken over all the leases to the field.

Mt Isa holds Beer Goggles Ball to end ugly debate

Mt Isa mining city at night. Like Broken Hill Mt Isa is an isolated outback town created because of a mineral discovery in It was part of the Cloncurry Shire council until it was declared a town with its own local government in Today it has a population of around 20, people but at its peak in the s it had 34, people. The city area encompasses a huge unpopulated area making Mt Isa the second biggest city in Australia in land area!

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The illustrations were created so they could be used in many cultures. The app is based on the printed book “Jesus Messiah” Willem de Vink. The book was produced in the past 25 years in upto languages. Most editions were printed locally, still some are prepared. The story of Jesus is true. Jesus is the Apostle of Allah. He has the title of the Son of God and the Savior of mankind.

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The road from Mount Isa to the town, known to locals as ‘Tojo’s Highway’, was built during World War Two with American funds and was originally designed as a link between the southern states and the theoretical ‘front line’ in the Northern Territory. The explorer William Landsborough was the first European to pass through the Camooweal area. At the time he was looking for Burke and Wills.

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By Jennifer O’Reilly September 1, Next, having weathered a storm of criticism, he was able to proudly say his unorthodox approach was working – claiming girls are flocking to his domain, ” wanting to smell sweat “. Now the good folk of Mt Isa have entered into the once-ugly debate with enormously good cheer. Yesterday the Queensland mining city was full of sore heads and happy hearts after its inaugural Beer Goggles Ball, the Townsville Bulletin reports.

From year-olds fresh on the dating scene to seasoned singles of undisclosed ages, men and women from across the country all met up on the weekend for the lonely hearts ball. Do these ball-goers really need beer goggles? Event organisers Kylie Harries, Eleanor Moran and Lisa Hurst spent three months planning the event as a way of giving something back to their community. The women said they also wanted to give singles in the Outback a fun and friendly way to meet.

The women conceived the ball in response to Mayor John Molony’s comment that all ” beauty-disadvantaged ” women should flock to the western mining town because, due to a shortage of women, the men weren’t as picky as men in larger centres. It just needed Beer Goggles.

Boxer hopes move from Mt Isa pays off

Share ‘He kept going as Barnsey does and finished the concert,’ the fan told Courier Mail. The Aussie rocker, 63, reportedly suffered a deep cut and bruising on his thigh after falling through a gap in the stage Jimmy’s reps have since confirmed the incident will not affect any of his upcoming scheduled appearances. A spokeswoman for the singer confirmed to the publication that he ‘would recover in time to walk the red carpet at the premiere of his movie in Melbourne on Thursday night as planned.

Joshua’s Altar on Mt. Gerizim: Deut Ezra’s Anti-Samaritan Variants in the Masoretic Text “Scripture cannot be broken” (Jesus, John ) dating many hundreds of years before the rise of the Jewish-Samaritan polemics of the How do we know that the differences between the Samaritan Pentateuch and the MT version of the.

The tholeiites comprise two lithologically distinct units: The DHM and CMD are co-magmatic, and have compositions typical of relatively evolved, low-K, Fe-rich continental tholeiites and tholeiites generated in plume-triggered volcanic passive margins leading up to continental breakup. Immobile major and trace element patterns suggest that the tholeiites were derived from partial melting of the convecting depleted upper mantle depleted mantle melt, and melts evolved along a trend of increasing Fe-enrichment to strongly Fe-enriched EMPA monazite dating returned a possible ca.

A younger monazite population ca. In particular, immobile trace element ratios and REE patterns between these tholeiitic suites are virtually indistinguishable. This relationship is of regional significance, as it suggests the terranes were spatially associated during the Palaeoproterozoic, and places the Georgetown Inlier within the Proterozoic framework of northern Australia, and likely a part of the North Australian Craton in the Palaeoproterozoic.

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The Isa Rodeo is an incorporated non-profit association whose predecessors had a vision to put the new, remote town of Mount Isa on the map. The rodeo has its own mystique and a history dating .

It consists of a complex of mountain ranges, plateaus, upland areas and escarpments with an ancient and complex geological history. The physiographic division name for the landmass is called the East Australian Cordillera. In some places the terrain is relatively flat, consisting of very low hills. The higher and more rugged parts of the “range” do not necessarily form part of the crest of the range, but may be branches and offshoots from it. The term “Great Dividing Range” may refer specifically to the watershed crest of the range, or to the entire upland complex including all of the hills and mountains between the east coast of Australia and the central plains and lowlands.

History[ edit ] The Great Dividing Range was formed during the Carboniferous period —over million years ago—when Australia collided with what are now parts of South America and New Zealand. The range has experienced significant erosion since. See Geology of Australia. For tens of thousands of years prior to British colonisation the ranges were home to various Aboriginal Australian nations and clans.

Evidence remains in some places of their traditional way of life including decorated caves, campsites and trails used to travel between the coastal and inland regions. Many descendants of these nations still exist today and remain the traditional owners and custodians of their lands. After British colonisation in , the ranges were an obstacle to exploration and settlement by the British settlers.


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