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The Super Dexta did not go into production until April and the serial numbers started 09B. Dextas after November started 09A. Your tractor should have a vacuum governed pump and no production Super Dexta was ever fitted with this style of pump. It also should NOT be fitted with a dif. However, one gentleman on the YT Mag site, some weeks ago was claiming he had a Super Dexta with a number similar to yours with a vacuum governed pump even though the serial number showed he should have had a Dexta. He said he had had the tractor from the dealer from new and it was sold as a Super Dexta. In the Ford archive there are photographs of Super Dextas with the vacuum goverened pump but it has always been thought that these were Dextas with the Super Dexta tinwork fitted for publicity photographs before any Super was produced and ready. It is possible that prototype tractors were produced and that you have one of these.

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Model Tractors Tony Shaman The saying that little boys play with little toys and big boys play with big toys may not always be true. When it comes to miniature tractor collecting, big boys often play with little toys. And, judging by how quickly farm-machinery dealers and toy tractor retailers sell out their new models, grown-ups take their hobby seriously.

The serial number of the Fordson Dexta is stamped on the flange between the engine and clutch housing on the left hand side of the tractor. The castings codes (clutch casting, rear axle casting, gearbox casting, hydraulic lift casting) can also give an indication of year of manufacture.

History[ edit ] The Nebraska tractor testing law had its roots from when Wilmot Crozier, a farmer and legislator from Osceola in Polk County, bought a Ford tractor. Not made by Henry Ford Co. The advertisements claimed it could pull three plows at once. Crozier could only get it to pull one. He took it back to the dealership and demanded they take it back, but they told him, “You own it, you keep it”.

They did eventually give him a Rumely H tractor The advertisements claimed it could pull three plows at once; Crozier got it to pull five. Wilmot Crozier and State Senator Charles Warner decided to ensure that all farmers would get a fair deal when buying any model of tractor sold in Nebraska. At the same time, the legislature established a facility for tractor testing on the east campus of the University of Nebraska—Lincoln to ensure that tractor manufacturers met their advertised claims of the tractors performance.

Fordson Dexta 1958

Geoff Bert is currently restoring a Fordson tractor for the Lawrence Museum, and is keen to talk to anyone that may have any information about this early machine. When I was offered this challenge I immediately jumped at the chance to tackle an old Fordson tractor,” he said. Mr Bert said the hardest part of this was taking it apart without breaking anything. The engine has been full of water for many years, perhaps the result of a flood, so it was completely seized.

Fordson Dexta (Ford Dexter) tractors were manufactured from to Find the data specifications and serial numbers here to date your tractor. Fordson made the Dexta and the Super Dexta (badged the Ford diesel in the USA).

Report to Moderator Posted: Sun Feb 12, 4: Refer to pic1 again, note the small center punch indents around the inner periphery of the seal housing from about 9 0’clock to 3 o’clock. These punch marks slightly deform the housing metal, creating inward pressure on the seal in addition to the interference fit, as insurance the seal does not back out of the housing. Staking is only done to the housing, not to the seal. This is common practice when installing seals and bearings that are in jeopardy of backing out and is recommended in the Case manual for this seal.

Staking is done before the shaft is installed to provide better access. View pic 2, I have deleted the parts that are inside the transmission and are not in way of the seal assembly. The pto shaft passes through the center of the main transmission drive shaft. The center of the main transmission drive shaft is in communication with the torque tube oil so you need the pto shaft seal to separate the transmission and torque tube oils. The pto shaft bushing is pressed into the ID of the main transmission shaft, the pto seal housing is pressed over the OD end of the main transmission drive shaft, the seal is pressed into the seal housing.

Due to the light interference fit of the pto seal housing on the main transmission shaft it may back off the main transmission shaft and be adrift on the pto shaft, dumping a large majority of the torque tube oil into the transmission. CKRichard wrote a post on this occurring in his , maybe he can chime in on what he did to put it back in place.

Fordson Dexta ( Ford Dexter ) Data

Universal Hobbies produce a Fordson Major tractor attached to a key ring! In fact it is so close to the Oxford model in detail and scale I at first took it to be the same casting. The most important difference is that it doesn’t have the shiny front axle, the front wheels are held in by two plastic pins.

So based on these numbers your tractor would be built in early July The E1ADKN & E1ADDN are the starting letters of the Fordson Major parts for example E1ADKNA is the exhaust muffler.

Contacts Tractor Registrations Ferguson Club Members can use the experience of the clubs own DVLA Officer for all Vintage tractor Registration issues You may have a completely plain tractor with no paperwork or evidence of previous registration. Or yours may have old painted numbers somewhere…….. Whatever the nature of your vintage tractor query the clubs DVLA officer is there to assist members. For all applications I need the following: The tractor must be complete. If you are fortunate to have the original Logbook for your tractor please follow this list: I am now officially authorized by the DVLA to certify your old documents i.

Original Log books RF60 and any other early paperwork or photos you may have pertaining to your registration A Stamped addressed envelope so I can return your Logbook etc. Not all councils have the records Contact the Archives Dept. The DVLA will not re-issue an original number without documentary evidence. To obtain an age related number I need the following: Driving Licence or passport and a utility bill is best to confirm your address.

Photo copies of the above are acceptable, the Utility bill Must Not be more than three months old A modern photograph of a restored tractor with an old registration plate on — Will not be accepted THERE must be a paper trail.

Tractor Registrations

They exchange their wheels for wide pontoons, which wrap around a helical surface, invented by Archimedes, Greek mathematician who lived from BC. Generally, these vehicles, excellent in mud, snow and water prove otherwise slow, fuel-efficient and important traces appear behind them. Hard surfaces such as roads are closed to them. Anyway, these machines are part of a bygone era, though some are still trying to perfect them or use them for processing ore residue.

We can go back to in U. Morath, of Swiss origin, invented an ‘Agricultural Machine, propelled by Archimedes screw.

Recently bought a tractor. Serial number appears to be E but has Super Dexta on front Grill. Has no lights but does have a front end loaded (one armed) from Ford.

The location offers easy access from the main A90 Dundee to Aberdeen trunk route and there is plenty of local accommodation. Fifteen vintage and classic tractors will be entered as well as a large range of vintage ploughs, hay making and cultivation equipment. There will also be a considerable quantity of plough metal including Massey Harris and Ransome parts. Other spares and workshop and estate maintenance equipment is also up for auction.

This tractor is fully restored and is an excellent runner and carries the serial number Three flambeau red tractors feature with the first being a model D which George uses for ploughing.

Fordson Dexta ( Ford Dexter ) Data

Eventually the division merged with the Ford Motor Company and the Fordson brand of tractor was manufactured by Ford Motor until when the tractor division was sold to Fiat. Although Henry Ford started experimenting with tractors as early as , it wouldn’t be until that success took hold. His key idea was to mass produce his tractors the same way he was building his cars. Assembly line mass production would make the tractors affordable and hopefully help Ford dominate the market.

Type the Serial Number in the box below. Numbers in the later format (see the Format Info on the right side of this screen) can be given with or without the model/year parts, and any dashes can be left out.

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